Taking (My!) Time

The fact that it has taken me this long to publish my first post is evidence of the need for this blog in my life.  I have meant to many times of course…. and then my usual pattern of putting work and home tasks first kicked in and time for this (me!) got squeezed out.  Notably, I am writing from my bed.  On this Christmas Eve, I am putting this top of my list and completing it before I get out of bed (and tend to all that needs doing on this very special day)!!

I am not going to wait for January 1st to resolve to change….

So here’s a poem I penned quite a while ago (yes, my turbulent relationship with time that leaves me feeling impoverished has been ongoing for quite some time).  It is my Christmas gift to myself, and to any who care to read it, to remind me of the importance of taking time in my life just for me.  And contrary to popular teachings…. to do so is NOT a SELFISH act, but rather a very necessary act of SELF CARE!

Time Keeping

Keeping time, Chasing time, Making time.

Taking time, Back.

Having time, Using time, Wasting time.

Taking time, Back.

Saving time, Buying time, Spending time.

Taking time, Back.

Giving time, Doing time, Killing time.

Taking time, Back.

Savouring time, Cherishing time, Loving time.

Taking time, Back.


  1. Thank you so Much Paula. Really great to be reading you here in this space. Look forward to more and more. Yes thank you so much. Lorcan


  2. This is starting off as a great journey into the present moment Paula, well done to you sharing your quest with all your following. Yes Lorcan I will also look forward to more and more.


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