This Moment Matters

Most of us live a greater proportion of lives our lives in either the past or the future.  We reminisce on what we said or did or we plan what we will say or do at some point in the future (even if its in the next 5 minutes).  If you’re anything like me, then you may be prone to devising witty and intelligent retorts ….long after the conversation is well over.  Perhaps you can identify with working your way through your ‘to do’ list in your head.  Now, I am not naming this by way of judgement. I am simply stating a truth because the consequence of this is very significant in my life and indeed, through our universal connection with one another, all of our lives.

If we persist in living in the past and future, we’ll miss LIFE that is actually (and only ever) happening in the present moment.  MY LIFE, YOUR LIFE, OUR LIVES.

Eckhart Tolle attributes this avoidance of the present moment to our Superego.  Our Superego or ‘self critic’ can only exist in either the past or the future; telling us that we are ‘better than’ (pride) or ‘not good enough’ (shame).  It has no voice or purpose in the present.  This is where our TRUE BEING resides and only here will we access our own voice of wisdom and knowledge.

The present happens moment by moment.  Many have written widely and practiced intensely on how to reside in the present and hence become present to oneself and LIFE. This is my apprenticeship.  Acknowledging the value of the present moment supports me to be present.

This poem flowed through me, for a friend, a number of years ago.  I am truly grateful to her for allowing me to share it with you and for the gift of her friendship.


This moment is Real,
This moment is.
This moment matters.



  1. Thanks for sharing Paula, I read and re read and will read again just to support and remind me of the now and all I have to be grateful for.


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